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Throughout the practice unit I have challenged and pushed myself with managing my time and running projects alongside each other. I have pushed my abilities and believed in experimentation's. Within project one, which was initial sampling, I came across many ways to transform and manipulate wood. Working with one material has allowed me to focus in detail on the properties of wood, which has given me much knowledge and enjoyment. I also took part in a laser transfer workshop which got me excited about finally adding image/colour to the wood. However laser trans process wasn’t right for what I wanted to do. I used heat transfer paper to transfer digital work onto wood. Looking at artists such as Burro Happold really inspired my work and my direction. Using a living hinge to transform the wood. I experimented with the design of this and combining it to a shape which worked well however wasn’t the direction I seen the work progressing. I used both illustrator and coral draw to both c…

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